Mad Cow Martha 2

Mad Cow Martha 2 1.4

Who said cows were boring?


  • Fun, addictive gameplay
  • Online high scores
  • Simple controls


  • Basic graphics
  • Requires Internet connection to download ads


Now, in real life, cows aren't exactly noted for their trampolining abilities. Not Martha though, as she proves in this game that white cows can jump.

Mad Cow Martha 2 sees you assume the role of an acrobatic cow who must perform a range of trampoline tricks in order to score points. It sounds bizarre, and it is, but this is actually a very addictive game.

Mad Cow Martha 2 takes the form of a series of different challenges of increasing difficulties. The main levels consist of hitting the specified keyboard keys (or directional buttons) in sequence in order to put together trick combos. In between, you have to do stuff such as collecting apples, jumping through gates and seeing how many spins you can do in one jump.

Graphically, Mad Cow Martha 2 isn't much to look at, with blocky sprites and crude animation. However, it's the gameplay where this one really excels. The variety of the levels and the fact there is a an online high scores table to try to conquer means that Mad Cow Martha 2 is pretty difficult to put down.

One thing worth noting is that Mad Cow Martha 2 is supported by ads, which use your data connection to download. If you don't have a flat rate data plan then be warned that this is gonna cost you.

Overall, Mad Cow Martha 2 makes for an enjoyable and addictive timewaster.

Mad Cow Martha 2


Mad Cow Martha 2 1.4

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